The Old Man And The Little Leaf

Old man AND the little leaf- Tara Smith - magical realism

A Magical Story Of A Widower Old Man & His Journey Back To Life & Joy – Read First Chapter For Free

Author Tara Smith has written her first full-length novel which will be available in Sept 2019. The book is now available on Amazon at in the US. To buy it in other countries, search on Amazon for ASIN: B07X98Q1YD

This is a synopsis of The Old Man & The Little Leaf:

A recently widowed Mr T, and Indian man of 75 years living in Paterson, NJ. Grief and loneliness rack him everyday as he moves about his day in the large, empty house. The dark and gloom threaten to overwhelm and take over his life. And then he goes for a walk by the river. Life hits his darkness full force with it’s energy, vitality, unapologetic joyfulness. There he meets Little Leaf, who will soon become his best friend ever. Together they go on rollicking magical adventures.

Every day is magical now with adventures into the Milky Way on a light beam, rides atop friendly eagles, visits to an underwater cave where Toxy the fox lives amidst unbelievable splendor and wealth, an unexpected plunge off the earth into the Great Pipeline below from where no one has ever returned. Many more thrills await T and his unusual friends as they move through their lives.

But there is also fear, humiliation and anxiety in store for T; his neighbor, the 12 year old bully Sammy, and his despicable talking parrot have targeted T with their venomous and foul energies.

This is a story of joy, and of the magic of life if one could only see. It is a story of helplessness and crushing loneliness giving way to life-giving, beautiful experiences. Also, it is a commentary on the deep wounds and scars that bullies inflict.

We are thrilled to offer you the first chapter of this moving and magical book – Read it at , and share it with the parents, grandparents, and older people in your life. 

Buy the book here:

(For countries other than US, search on Amazon for ASIN: B07X98Q1YD

Strange Visitor At Growley Farm

Animal Stories of Factory Farming, Aliens: Thriller Adventure With Tree People, Animal People & Galaxy Alien vs Evil Humans

by Tara Smith – (Book 1 of Adventures of Artetrim) – ASIN:B07RL3R12Y

Kindle Ebook - Strange Visitor at Growley Farm
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Fantasy Book For Children, Teens, Young Adults & All Concerned With Animal Welfare

Young adults, teens, book-lover kids and adults with whimsy and idealism will enjoy this book – the first in a series called Adventures of Artetrim.

Gift this fiction short read to a loved one to soak in the warmth, friendships, humor and kindness of earth’s creatures. A heart-warming story for all lovers of Mother Earth, and those passionate about animal rights (as well as plant rights).
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Wild Journey & Emerald Island

Alien Awakening, Animal Stories: Fantasy Tale Of Plant People, Animal People & Alien vs Human Predators – Action & Adventure

by Tara Smith – (Book 2 of Adventures of Artetrim) – ASIN: B07RVD971X

Wild Journey & Emerald Island (book 2 of Series- Adventures of Artetrim) - Spiritual & Metaphysical Fiction, Action: Fantasy Plant Life, Consciousness, Animal Stories, Earth Day - Short Reads

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In this Book 2 of the series Adventures of Artetrim, the chickens rescued from the animal farm in Book 1 are now moved to safety, away from the cruel world of Growley Farm. 

Artetrim, the supernatural visitor from a faraway place in the cosmos, wants the chickens to enjoy a free and joyful life without the oppression of humans. Towards this, many creatures of the land and sea come together to transport these helpless birds to a lovely, pristine island called Emerald Island.

But the journey to Emerald Island will not be easy. This book takes the reader through a fascinating world – a subterranean world in the forests, an adventurous and dangerous journey over the seas. 

Along the way, the animals are challenged, tested but also see Mother Nature’s order and well-being at work.
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