grizzly bears - help protect them, become an Earthkeeper everyday
grizzly bear in the wild

Grizzly Bears: We Owe Them

Make your day and watch this fabulous video of the unspoken communication that happens when a Vietnam veteran living in Yellowstone National Park comes across a grizzly bear.

Both look at each other, one through the scope of his gun, the other through his red, all-seeing eyes. Then something happens. The man knows he can never pull the trigger ever again. The bear senses this, and walks away.

The man, Doug Peacock, is left with a powerful life lesson of natural order, animal intelligence and wisdom, and above all, the grace and dignity of this powerful animal.

He is also left, in his own words, with a debt to this animal, who could have torn him to pieces, but instead walked away.

And Doug Peacock, in return, spends his life in Yellowstone Park, protecting and spreading awareness about these wild grizzly bears.

Doug Peacock has chosen to be an Earthkeeper. So can you. Just make small simple choices everyday that reflect our love and gratitude to Mother Earth and all the life, besides human, that inhabits this planer.

Then say proudly to yourself, “I am an Earthkeeper.”

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