(book 2 of Series- Adventures of Artetrim) – Alien Awakening, Animal Stories: Fantasy Tale Of Plant People, Animal People & Alien vs Human Predators – Action & Adventure

Wild Journey & Emerald Island (book 2 of Series- Adventures of Artetrim) - Spiritual & Metaphysical Fiction, Action: Fantasy Plant Life, Consciousness, Animal Stories, Earth Day - Short Reads

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In this Book 2 of the series Adventures of Artetrim, the chickens rescued from the factory farm in Book 1 are now moved to safety, away from the cruel world of Growley Farm.

Artetrim, the friendly alien visitor from a faraway galaxy in the cosmos, wants the chickens to enjoy a free and joyful life without the oppression of humans. Towards this, many creatures of the land and sea come together to transport these helpless birds to a lovely, pristine island called Emerald Island.

But the journey to Emerald Island will not be easy. This book takes the reader through a fascinating world – a subterranean world in the forests, and an adventurous and dangerous journey over the seas.

Along the way, the animals are challenged, tested but also see Mother Nature’s order, justice and incredible support at all times.

Alien Stories & Talking Animals & Plants Come Together Against Human Predators

You will enjoy this book if you love alien movies, tv and games. Unlike most alien stories, though, the predators and evil beings are not in outerspace or some faraway galaxy; they are right here on this earth, stomping the earth as the modern human.

Tara Smith, the debut author of this series, felt compelled to write these stories as she looked with horror at the destructive trail we are leaving behind for all the animal people, the tree people, the plant people, the river and sky people…

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For of course, these other inhabitants of this planet are just as aware, just as conscious and sentient as humans believe they are. Most humans though, across the planet are living like savage animals, ravaging everything they touch. Plastics, gmo technology, putrid chemical and pharmaceutical waste, garbage that could soon drown us, decimation of forests -we have left little untouched with our toxic presence.

This series looks at the lack of intelligence and wisdom of the human predator.

Animals & Plants Are Intelligent & Sentient

But unlike most other works, these books recognize that the plant and animal worlds do not need our support to recover. All they need from us is to “stand out of their sun.” They have the power and intelligence to take care of themselves.

These books will hopefully spark our will and our sense of right and wrong to repair the damage, and let Mother Earth and her living creatures heal. That is the work of every human here on this planet. And if we are too shortsighted to do it for the two-legged and four-legged and the furred and finned and leaved and flowered creatures, let us at least do it for our grandchildren who will inherit this glorious mess.

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Becoming The Earthkeepers Like The Laika

Long ago, before the ‘clever’ Europeans invaded and destroyed the Incas, the wise Native American people believed with all their beings that they were the Earthkeepers: tasked with receiving and giving back to Mother Earth, taking only as much as was needed. They knew that they were on par with the other consciousnesses that bless this planet – the trees and insects and animals and birds and rivers and stones and mountains and minerals. Where are the Earthkeepers today?

No, it is not the foundations and charities that are raking in $$$$ from us in the name of protecting this and that. We, each of us individually, is a powerful Earth Keeper. When we say no to a plastic packaged product that will eventually fill the oceans and destroy marine life, when we refuse to consume more than we need, and we question everything we are buying with regard to its impact on the environment, we refuse to support GMOs and all the clever technology that is hurting our soils, our farmers, and our own health – we are no less Earthkeepers.

And the wealthy corporations will be forced to listen. They will not get our business unless they stop the plastic packaging nightmare, the disposal of effluents into our rivers, the ravaging of forests for more farms and hotels and human homes.

Let us tell them we are Earthkeepers, and we will protect Mother Earth above everything else.

And they will be forced to listen.

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